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By the grace of ALLAH, Quran Learn with Tajweed is an online Islamic center. We are offering one to one live interactive teaching sessions. Now by joining our services you and your kids can get Islamic teachings at your Home and desired time. Our well designed setup makes easy to run setup on studentís end so involvement of parents is not compulsory. It is blessing of Allah that we are working in USA ,UK,CANADA and all over the world successfully. We are also providing free trial period of three days after that you can decide to continue or discontinue our services. We also report to parents about the performance of their Kids on regular basis. May ALLAH give us strength to fulfill our obligations


 Innovative & convenient way to learn Quran reading.

 Highly qualified male and female teachers.

 one to one teaching.

 Affordable rates.

 Available 7 days a week.

 Kids and adults from any country can learn read Quran.

 Free trial period of 3 days for your satisfaction.

 Professional management.

 Easy ways of fee payment.

 No registration fee.

 A leading International online Quran Academy.

 One - to - one live Quran class. It means

 teacher teaches only a single student at a time.

 A Quran class at your living room.

 Essential Islamic Teaching for children's and new Muslims from age of 4 to 70

 Highly trained and qualified Quran teachers.

 Highly reputed academic background.

 Monthly small fee packages. 8. No contracts.

Why Us?



 Islamic Teaching





 Arabic Language

 Urdu Language

 You need computer, internet connection, headset.

 Lesson is taught through audio conversation

 Teacher's screen is showed infront of student so queries can be resolved on the spot.

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